Company Profile

Crimson Petroleum Services started as an American Oil Service Company with 100% American ownership with 100% of its revenue generated in Oman leaving the Sultanate on a monthly basis.

A Group of local investors bought the company early 2014 with a focus on providing optimization technologies, and services in the Oil and Gas Sector while keeping 100% of its revenue in the Sultanate of Oman.

Crimson Petroleum Services has and will continue to forge partnerships with well proven international Oil and Gas service providers and innovative technology leaders to strengthen its capability to positively impact the needed intervention in Enhanced Oil Recovery solutions as well as effective management of running operations.

In drawing upon the experience and expertise, Crimson Petroleum Services is set on becoming actively engaged in Oil and Gas Engineering, Operations and management activities in Oman. The new Crimson shareholders immediately hired an all Omani Management team and will continue to hire highly experienced Omani calibers in the Oil and Gas field with proven knowledge, skills and experience in Oman Oil field as well at a multinational level.

Crimson Petroleum Services has begun with 100% Local ownership and will provide more opportunities for Omani public ownership as the company grows. On the Omani Strength, Crimson Petroleum Services is also managed by 100% local board with 100% local funding.